Complex SEO audit of the site

SEO-audit - is a check of the site before the full search engine promotion.

We will analyze your website in detail to ensure that it meets the requirements of search engines and is relevant to your target audience. The specialist will find out whether the site is optimized to achieve your traffic goals. And if not, what you need to do to correct the errors.

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What is included in SEO Analytics?

Link analysis

Analysis of the number of incoming and outgoing links. Both external and internal links are significant search engine ranking factors that directly affect the position of the site.

Site technical analysis

Aimed at finding technical deficiencies. Very often it is technical mistakes made during development that prevent the site from ranking well.

On Page analysis

The study of the degree of readiness of the resource for promotion. Check posted content, site structure, page structure, site load speed.

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SEO Analytics allows you to get:

A list of errors, defects and causes of traffic loss, recommendations to correct the errors found.

Ideas to improve the elements of web pages and content, understanding the timing and budget for promotion.

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